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“A lot of the kids on this team have been playing together since our sophomore year when Newport Catholic first beat us,” Martella said. “They have taken a lot from us and we are looking to reclaim what we have had.” Both teams have 10-2 records. Beechwood has won eight straight games, including a 20-0 win against NewCath at the end of the regular season. But Beechwood interim head coach Bob Burnett isn’t taking anything for granted.
“They have some tremendous players and coaches and we just have to be prepared on both sides of the ball,” Burnett said. “Our opponent is ourselves, and we have to take care of our business.” As a senior captain, Martella feels a strong sense of responsibility for the team’s fate this season property solicitors sydney.

In last week’s 28-6 win against Holy Cross, he rushed for 97 yards and a touchdown and helped the defense limit the Indians to 155 total yards. Hire excellent and highly professional the property conveyancers to change the ownership of real estate properties. He recommended “He is carrying on the tradition by the way he carries himself on and off the field,” Burnett said. “Kevin is a tremendous leader and competitor.” Martella moved to fullback this season so senior Phillip Ridgell could step in as the Tigers’ tailback.

The switch paid off. Ridgell has rushed for 933 yards and nine touchdowns, while Martella has added 629 yards and eight TDs. “Kevin is the consummate team player,” Burnett said. “He is more interested in team accomplishments as opposed to his individual accomplishments.” Martella has fond memories of his younger days as ball boy for the Tigers. He recalls playing pick-up games in his neighborhood with Jeff Zellen and Kenny Kinsella, two linebackers on the 1997 state championship team.

“I idolized a lot of the older guys on that team,” Martella said. “I have grown up wanting to be a Tiger.” Beechwood’s primary goal on defense this Friday will be shutting down NewCath junior running back Kevin Smith, who has rushed for 1,572 yards and 19 touchdowns.

The Thoroughbreds have also developed a passing game since inserting sophomore Derek Posey at the quarterback position. In the last seven games, he has completed 35 of 70 passes for 659 yards and 10 TDs. The Class A regional final game was moved to the artificial turf field at Highlands because of sloppy field conditions at Beechwood. “The field is really unsafe for the teams,” Burnett said. “Highlands is gracious enough to let us use their facility.” Advance tickets for the game are being sold for $5 at both Beechwood. Making the transition from outside midfielder to forward was a difficult challenge for Holy Cross girls’ soccer player Jenny Lea this year.
“At the beginning it was really hard,” she said. “I didn’t really get in a groove and score a lot until the middle of the season.” Lea netted 11 goals in the Indians’ last 13 games and finished the season with 19, the second-highest total in Northern Kentucky girls’ soccer.

Helps you to provide deserving value of your property

Property valuation is the process of valuation of a real property usually its latest market value. Transaction of real estate always requires property valuers because they occur infrequently and every property is unique, especially its location is a key factor in property valuation.

Mostly, the property valuers are certified, licensed and qualified. Property valuers are also known as appraisers or land valuers. And it is considered that property valuer’s opinion is based on market value and is of best use of the real property.

Adelaide property valuers can do the following task:

Request a Valuation
Buy a Property
Sell a Property
Invest in Property
Receive Tax Benefits

Estimating the value of real property is usually important in today’s world because it can help us in various fields including real estate financing, listing real estate for sale, investment analysis, property insurance and also the taxation of real estate.

Hiring a certified property valuer will always help you in each and every step of property transaction. Property valuers will guide you with experience that which property is worth to make a deal. And he will also make sure to attend all the meetings and perform legal documentation and meet the deadline of the contract.

As we know that two property’s will never be alike and comparing two property’s is done only to improve our ones and make any improvements if we want to do to get a better and higher value of our property.

Following are the factors which will affect the value of your property:

Condition and age of building.
Location because each and every property make difference in price from neighborhood to neighborhood.
If you change the price of your property at last moment.

The cost of building can be estimated in several ways, including square-foot method where the cost per square foot of a recently built comparable is multiplied by the number of square feet in the subject building. Property valuers are the one who are fully involved in a contract with full determination with single mind. And there is no chance of any fraud if you go with certified and experienced property valuers.

If you want to increase the price of your property before selling it then for this you have to do property valuation. Because after performing property valuation you will come to know the current price of your property in the market. Also you can compare the current property price of yours with other already sold property’s price. After calculating that price you will be able to spend money on your property to make it worth by renovating or anything that you want to do with your property to increase its value.

Why is a valuer an indispensible asset in hotel property valuations?

Hotel valuation in Brisbane, identical to many real estate valuations, should be perceived in the milieu of determining an estimate that specifies the value of a distinctive, immovable asset in an environment having contradictory information. The valuations in hotel and leisure properties in Brisbane also require determining fair market values so as to compliment the regulatory and transactional purposes.

The services of a property valuer stand very important in the following situations pertaining to hotel properties:

  • 1. The owners of a hotel real estate when requiring a loan from bank or any lending institution need thorough and expert valuation reports that presents the hotel fairly as reasonable collateral.
  • 2. Hotel property investors when willing to invest in purchasing new hotels also require a valuation report from a registered property valuer.
  • 3. Hotel owners when wanting to sell their properties also need to present a valuation report to determine a viable selling price.
  • 4. When two companies merge they need to know their asset capital values.

A property valuer also can provide allied hotel property valuation services like appraisals, feasibility studies, brokerage, operator selection and market studies. Valuer of hotel real estate can provide a relevant to market opinion that best inculcates the considerations of various dimensions like trading parameters and operator traits. Owners, investors, operators and lending institutions interested in luxury hotelier sector all can individually benefit from the services of a property valuer. Valuers advisory can cater to varied needs of industry players whether they want to propose an investment in the property, sell or acquire the hotel, or lend against it for security reasons. The services of a property valuer basically provides expert opinion on the current physical condition of the property and also assesses whether or not any capital expenditure is to be incurred on it or not. Their typical valuation methodology comprises of various elements like income capitalization and discounted cash flow. Valuers generally employ the “market” indicators of return requirements and various valuation parameters to generate their projections. Property valuers also tend to cater to the needs of the property investors from the appraisal of their property i.e. availing an estimation on the actual bankable investment value that also comprise of the effects of income taxes, the investor’s exclusive cost of capital, and other investor-centric circumstances. Investors in Brisbane usually employ a modified income approach that suites most to their individual conditions, along with current transaction information, so as to estimate value and design their bidding methodology.

How Are Hotels Classified – Useful Information

hotel-monteleone-french-quarter-new-orleans-hotel-lobby-732x428The number of hotels even in the smallest of cities and towns could run into a few dozens. Hence, when it is about classifying the same and awarding star categories to it, there are a number of factors that should be borne in mind. It is not an easy job to classify a hotel and it takes a lot of time and effort. One may have to appoint the best property valuers in Sydney to get the right value before doing anything. However, it would certainly make interesting reading if we are able to narrow down the various considerations when it comes to classifying a hotel. The next few lines would certainly be helpful to those who are keen on finding out how hotels are graded and classified.

The primary criterion for grading a hotel is location. If a hotel is located in the heart of the city, it certainly stands a better chance of being graded high on the list. However, location alone will not be the only factor. It could be considered as a very important criteria but nothing beyond it. If a hotel situated in the heart of the city is running short on amenities, features and luxuries, then it hardly makes any sense for it to be given any grading at all.

The size of the hotel is also another important consideration that is taken into account while grading a hotel. The size should take into account the open space, the number of rooms that it has, and other such facilities. Next in the line is the type of rooms that is has. Hotel managements who are desirous of upgrading their classification should certainly pay a lot of attention to the quality of the rooms that they provide to their clients. It should be of the best standards without being very expensive and unaffordable. Drawing a line between affordability and quality of rooms is indeed a tight-rope walk which hotels must learn fast.

The food that is provided in the hotel also has a bearing on the way a hotel is graded. A good hotel should be able to serve a variety of foods and should be able to satisfy the needs of customers who could be from different parts of the world. The next important point that needs to be taken into account is the type of customers that the hotel is targeting. Any 7 star hotels will have the most affluent customers visiting them and this certainly is a big feather in the cap for such hotels.

It goes without saying that when such high-profile customers visit a hotel, the service standards and overall quality should be of the highest quality failing which they would start losing occupancy rates, at least from such high profile customers. Last but not the least, having a suitable theme on which the hotel is constructed is also of significance. All the star hotels in our country and across the world have been awarded the grades because they have a theme that is uniform across all the groups of hotels that they operate and run. In fine, choosing hotels one by one, looking at the various factors and then giving grades to them is certainly no mean task and it does take a lot of time and effort.

The Various Things To Look Into While Buying And Selling Hotels

article-2559532-1B7CB36F00000578-478_964x614First and foremost, when buying a hotel it is important to appoint a property valuer as the initial step. This is because it is he who will be playing a major role in deciding whether the property is worth buying or not. Buying a hotel is a totally different cup of tea when compared to other property purchases such as buying of residential properties, offices, factories or other commercial apartments or buildings.

When buying a hotel it is done not with the intention of keeping it under lock and key. The main purpose of buying a hotel is to generate revenue. Hence, when you handover the entire documents pertaining to a hotel which you plan to buy, to a real estate agent, he will certainly look into from various angles. He will not only consider the cost element as far as the hotel property is concerned. He will also have to carefully evaluate the possible revenues that will come from the property over a period of time. Only when he is certain that the revenues will commensurate with the expenses, will he give a favorable valuation report.

Not all hotel properties are bought by paying cash. It is usually funded by loans from banks who certainly would like to know how the loan is going to be repaid. Hence, the role of a property valuer Melbourne becomes very crucial both for the banks and also for the entities who are planning to buy a hotel. Apart from hiring the right property valuer it is also important to make sure that you locate the property that is in the heart of the city or town where you are planning to buy it.

Hence, buying a hotel is a very tough task and apart from hiring the services of a good real estate valuer there are a number of other factors that you should also keep in mind. It is something that has to be done slowly and steadily and should never be hurried through under any circumstances.

How Should A Hotel Be Value By A Property Valuer

property valuation company in BrisbaneValuing a hotel is not the same as valuing a home, apartment, office or a commercial building. When you buy a home, you could get some revenues by renting it out. In the same light when you buy a hotel your main aim should be to get revenues by offering the rooms on rent. Hence, continuity of revenues and the rate at which they will increase over a period of time are very important factors to be taken into account while valuing a hotel. So revenue generation method is the best way by which hotels can be valued.

Apart from revenues there are also other important factors that should also be taken into account while valuing a hotel. The increase or decrease in revenues is directly connected to the location of the hotel. Hence, it is very important to look for hotels that are not only reasonably sure of their revenues but are also situated in a good locality. The next important point that should be kept in mind is the kind of food and beverages that are served in such hotels. Being in the hospitality industry, hotels are supposed to serve different types of foods to cater to various requirements. Hence, this is a very important point that cannot be overlooked when buying a hotel.

There are also other points that should also be taken into account. For example, good hotels are made of quality rooms, quality amenities and facilities which also must be closely looked into by the professional property valuers in Brisbane when they are assessing the same for its value. The loans and advances which hotel entrepreneurs have taken for running the hotel must also be factoring in before arriving at the net valuation of a hotel. Hence, valuation of a hotel without any doubt is a completely different ball game. It calls for hiring property valuers who are also good at valuing hotels, restaurants and food joints. top 5 double stroller –

How To Choose The Right Hotel – Useful Pieces Of Information

valuers in perthWhen we decide to go to a different city or a different country amongst the various things that we do is to book the right hotel. This is very important to ensure that we have a comfortable stay during our trips to places outside our homes. However, choosing the right hotel may not be as easy as it seems unless we know what exactly we are looking for in these hotels. There are different parameters by which hotels could be chosen. It could be based on the tariffs, location, facilities and amenities available and the food that is served in them. Hence, as a customer you should be very clear as to what exactly you are looking for in the hotels where you could be spending a few days, weeks or even months.

Since almost all the hotels offer almost the same kind of facilities you should be able to differentiate and zero in one on particular hotel or groups of hotels. When choosing a hotel, there are a few important points that should be kept in mind and the same are being discussed in some bit of details below:

• You should always look for hotels that are strategically located. It should preferably be in the center of the city and should be not very far off from the airport, main railway station or bus terminuses.

• The hotel should have a nice and comfortable environment and ambience.It should be homely and the staff manning the hotels should be professional, courteous and totally customer oriented.

• The amenities and features that are offered in the hotels are also very important for you to take the right decision. For example, any good hotel is expected to provide rooms that are comfortable, airy, well-ventilated and it should also have common fixtures and apparatuses like refrigerators, TV, cable connection, hot and cold water, internet connection, just to name a few.

• Any good hotel should be able to provide you with kind of food which meets your specific tastes and requirements. Today’s customers are very health and calorie conscious and hotels should be able to satisfy this particular requirement professionally. Offering complimentary breakfast, air-port pickup and drop and very common add-ons which hotels must provide without asking for it.

• The hotels should also have good conference room facilities, restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities, swimming pool, round the clock concierge services and secretarial assistance and services should it be required.

• Many tourists often spend lot of time in hotels and professional hotels should be able to provide arranged tours to places of interest for its clients.

• While tariffs are very important for any hotel, they should be careful that in their pursuit of lower tariffs, basic amenities and facilities are not compromised. They should also be in a position to offer online booking facilities and should be able to accept all standard and internationally approved methods of payment.

• Special facilities for foreign tourists in terms of understanding of the language with the help of translators are also things that should be kept in mind while choosing a good hotel.

The above are just a few points and there are quite a few more factors such as laundry facility, lockers for safe-keeping of valuables, 24/7 doctor and medical facility and other things which should always be available with any professional and customer-focused hotels. Hence, a number of factors come into play when you are in the process of choosing a hotel. As a customer you should always check up with at least a few hotels and only then decide on one which perfectly suits your specific needs and requirements.

Various Factors To Bear In Mind While Buying A Hotel

CA-HotelHotels are without doubt considered to be a reasonably safe business, once the initial few difficult years are successfully navigated. Any hotel that combined accommodation with quality food is less likely to be a victim of recessions, downturns in the economy and other such matters. This is because even in the worst of economic situations people will move around and will have to ensure that their tummies are full. Though the levels of occupancies and the numbers of people visiting restaurants may come down it will not dry up completely. Hence, there is no doubt that running hotels and entering into FMCF businesses are considered relatively safer than many other such businesses.

However it is important to bear in mind that it may not be possible for even the best of hotel to keep growing continuously for an indefinite period of time, with the same infrastructure, number of rooms and restaurants. Further at times the demand may far outstrip supply when there could be the need to expand. There are basically two ways of expanding. One could either go in for constructing a new hotel. However, for many growing the inorganic way is often considered to be a better option. This is all about taking over an existing and well running hotel. There are a number of benefits associated with such a move. Firstly, you will not have to take the trouble of spending lot of time buying a new hotel. Secondly, you get in hand a ready made product that will perfectly suit your requirements.

While all this is fine, it takes lot of efforts and would call for the services of professionals when it comes to buying a hotel. It cannot be done individually and has to be the joint effort of many professionals ranging from property experts to property valuers and appraisers. The role of appraisers is very important in more ways than one. Though their main role is to ensure that they are able to fix a fair market value for the hotel that is being planned for purchase, they also come up with lot of other important pieces of information. For example, they can help a lot in educating the customers about the projected future cash flows from such buyouts and whether the owners will be able to sustain it in the long term. Hence, any decision to buy a hotel has to be carefully thought out and the role of valuers is extremely important.

Things To Bear In Mind While Buying Hotels

find-out-more-about-the-hotels-in-sector-29-gurgaonHotel and food business are often considered to be recession proof and this is partially true. While food business can be recession proof the same cannot be said of hotel accommodation. The economic condition, the job situation and the disposal income levels all have an important role to play as far as hotel business is concerned. Further the growth story of hotels cannot be a permanent one and it is bound to hit a plateau over a period of time. Hence, it would be wrong to expect that organic growth modes will take hotels from one level of success to another for an indefinite period of time. Under such situations there is a need to look for inorganic growth modes to give a new lease of life to the entire hotel business including the existing one.

Inorganic growth is nothing but taking over another hotel and merging it with the existing business. However, this has to be done only when the existing hotel’s growth potential has hit a road block and only when revenues are stagnating or declining. Further, the decision to go in for inorganic growth should be done carefully after weighing all pros and cons. It has to be borne in mind that taking over a hotel involves lot of money, time and effort. Money is the biggest challenge as far as hotel takeovers are concerned. They could easily run into millions of dollars and therefore the process should be thought through in great detail.

Identifying the right professionals including property valuers is extremely important as far as hotel takeover or buying is concerned. They play a big role in ascertaining the fair market value of the hotel that you are planning to buy. Valuing a hotel is no easy task and it is not the same as valuing other real estate building and properties. It has to be done carefully and lot of inputs should be taken into account.

Whenever a hotel is being valued for various purposes, the location is considered to be the most important input. Any tourist would always prefer to stay in a hotel that is well located, even if the cost is slightly high. Further, when valuing a hotel, the number of rooms, the quality of rooms, the quality of services, the age of the hotel, its overall reputation and goodwill are a few important aspects that are taken into account. With these inputs in hand, various methods are used to value the hotel.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Hotel

article-2300241-18F62C9A000005DC-110_634x417Running a hotel is considered to be a reasonably safe business where the problems associated with recession and other such economic downturns could be much less when compared to other businesses. However, one cannot expect that a hotel business will continue to flourish for years at length. After a period of time it is bound to have a slow down in growth and eventually it will reach a plateau. Once this happens the growth will become static. When this happens it is time to look for some other ways to give the business a push. Either one has to look for some other business opportunity or go in for buying out another hotel. The latter option is referred to inorganic growth mode and this is something that is becoming norm of the day almost everywhere. When an existing hotel is able to identify an up and running hotel, there is no doubt that it will work and give stability to the new business for a long period of time. However, it is important to understand the various steps to be followed before taking over of a hotel.

First and foremost, identifying the right hotel for a takeover in itself is not an easy task. There are a number of important factors that have to be taken into account. The location of the hotel that is being planned for take over is extremely important. It should be located in such a place that it attracts more number of tourists. The next important aspect that should be taken into account is the number of accommodations that it can offer. The quality of food, the quality of lodging facilities are important factors that has to be carefully considered. All these cannot be done by the hotel buyers themselves. They have to take the help and assistance of professionals.

When we talk about such professionals, there is no doubt that the role of property valuers and appraisers always comes to our mind. They have the most important role to play when one decides to buy a hotel. They help in finding out more about the fair market value of the hotel. They do so by taking various inputs such as the location of the hotel, its size, its average business for the past few years, average occupancy levels, the kind of food and cuisine that they serve just to name a few. Hence, appointing the services of a reputed property valuer is very important when taking over an existing hotel.

Steps To Be Taken When Deciding To Buy A Hotel

???????????????????????There are some industries that are not very badly affected by recession or other such problems. The most obvious industry is the FMCG business. Next is the hotel and restaurant industry. Wherever food is part of a business, there is likelihood that it will largely remain unaffected by the downturns in economy or even the worst forms of recession. Yes, when it comes to occupancy levels in hotels, there could be a slide in business but the same can be made up if the hotel has a good and reliable food business. While organic and normal growth methods  are the best way forward for any hotel industry, at times there could be the need to look for inorganic growth options. This will become almost inevitable when the growth levels of existing hotel have reached a plateau.

There are certainly a number of advantages by going in for inorganic growth options. One can    leverage on the experience and expertise in the hotel business and acquire new customers by buying out existing hotels which are running profitably. It will be a good way to stay ahead of competition. However, the decision to buy any hotel should be well considered because it will certainly involve taking some risks. Funding a hotel purchase could run into thousands or even millions of dollars.

Though banks and financial institutions will be able to fund the buyouts, as the owner you  should be in a position to service the loans and that too for a long period of time. You should be certain that the revenues that will be generated from the new hotel will not only take care of the EMI for the loans but will also leave a surplus behind. You have to take the help of many professionals for the job. Valuers and appraisers have a very important and significant role to play. They will help in not only valuing the entire hotel that is being planned for takeover. They will help to find out whether such a buyout will be viable and sustainable over the long term period. However, it is very important for hotel owners and entrepreneurs to look for valuers who have specific experience and expertise in this field.

Are You Buying An Existing Hotel – Read On

cancun-mexico-beach-nkiRunning a hotel-cum-food business is a good idea. This is because apart from FMCG business food and hotel business is considered relatively safe and free from recession and other economic uncertainties. However given the highly competitive environment in the hotel and food industry it may not be possible for most hotel owners to expect organic growth for and indefinite period of time. There are could be situation where business might stagnate or even start falling down.

In such situations it might become extremely necessary for hotel entrepreneurs to look at inorganic growth options. What exactly is inorganic growth and why is it important? Let us find out over the next few lines. Inorganic growth is nothing but buying an existing hotel that is doing reasonably well. This can help arrest the declining business trend and can be helpful for both the businesses. However buying a new hotel or an existing one is quite difficult. One has to take into account many factors and considerations. The entire decision has to be analyzed thread-bare and only when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages should the decision be taken forward.

There is also the need to take the help of professionals at various stages. One such group of professionals whose contribution is very important is that of valuers and appraisers. They play a big role not only in helping come out with the fair market value of the property but also help in going in detail on the whole project. They look into the age of the hotel, its location size, amenities and facilities and other important factors. They also make an estimated occupancy projection both for the short term long term. Only when it is found viable do they recommend such purchases or takeovers.

Identifying the right property valuer is very important because ordinary real estate valuers may not be able to do full justice to such complicated valuations. It is also important that these valuers have a good knowledge and experience of finance and marketing. Considering the above facts there is hardly any doubt that buying an existing hotel is very complex and time consuming. It should be done very carefully and the process should not be hurried through under any situations are circumstances. The decision should be carried forward only when it is hundred percent doable.